Welcome to RASDak!

We are South Dakota’s only supported bicycle tour across the state.

Each year  in the second week of June, Ride Across South Dakota (RASDak) takes riders across the state’s varied landscape, from the Black Hills through windswept, rolling grasslands across the Missouri River and into rich farmland. A simple sentence does injustice to the variety of landscapes riders experience during the seven-day ride.

Since its inception in 2013, this annual ride has been a momentous adventure, bicycling through some of the most scenic landscapes in the world! We thank everyone who joins us each year – our amazing volunteers, host towns, rest stop and ‘support’ groups, and of course, our wonderful riders!!

Each year, during the first full week of June, we travel a different route, with new adventures, accommodations, contests, and surprises, making new friends and memories. You will love the routes and people of each new RASDAK!

In addition to being such a fun multi-day bicycle tour, RASDAK is a 501-c3, non-profit, and part of your your registration fees, and other costs incurred are contributed to well-deserving, charitable South Dakota groups. This makes your hard-earned money well spent in a responsible, generous way.

So again, we want to say THANK YOU to all ‘RASDAKIANS,’ whether you are a veteran participant, or if this is your first adventure with us! WELCOME to each one of you! You have discovered the best way to truly experience the beauty of South Dakota .. on a bicycle!

Remember, this ride requires conditioning, commitment, and preparation, so we invite you to join us…as a rider, or as as support. If you are riding, you can choose to register for the full week, or individual days. For Event details, photos, schedules, and a variety of information, you can also check out our facebook page or our blog!