Packing Tips for RASDak

There is a two bag luggage limit and your bags need to weigh less than 40 pounds. A friendly reminder— you do not want to alienate or injure the SAG volunteers who load and unload over 300 pieces luggage twice a day. SAG has your back—please protect SAG’s backs.

As a general organizational tip, it’s recommended to have two bags. One bag for camping and biking gear, and one bag for clothing and toiletries. An extra bag to take to the shower/bathroom is very helpful.

This packing list is based on suggestions and is not exclusive to your own personal needs and preferences.

Bicycle Related Packing

Bicycle, front and rear lights, helmet, mirror, shoes, sunglasses, bike bag, gloves, 2 water bottles (keep full), any hi-vis accessories. Air pumps will be provided by RASDak and Spoke-N-Sport. Spoke-N-Sport Bicycle Shop from Sioux Falls will be part of the RASDak tour for your mechanical and gear needs all week.

Be sure to fill out the survey Spoke-N-Sport will send to you about your bike, components, tires, tubes, etc. If something goes wrong, Spoke-N-Sport may have it in stock. It is advisable you do carry a spare tube, a tire repair kit, and tool.

Packing Your Bike Bag

I-D, sunscreen, rain gear, energy snack that provides electrolytes i.e. gel, banana, nuts, bars, pain relief, zip locks, cash in small bills for food stops, credit card, cell phone, dry jersey, jacket, lip balm, medical gloves, small- medium garbage bag, bug spray. Re-chargeable cell phone battery. Small first aid kit, wet wipes, camera, high vis safety vest, bike lock.

Packing for bicycle mechanical emergencies. All these items can fit in a small seat bag. Tubes and tools to fix flats. A hand pump or CO2 to inflate tubes. A tube patch can fix a small hole in a tire to keep the tube from being exposed. A dollar bill is also handy. A multi-tool for any type of repair. In case of a chain break bring a chain master link. A small paper clip or zip tie can help keep the chain together to limp back to camp. McGyver would probably bring a small amount of duck tape, zip ties, rubber bands, wire and chewing gum. Maybe a bottle opener?

Cell phone-Emergency numbers, SAG numbers, weather apps, camera, flashlight. Warning-cell phone service is unpredictable in some areas.

Off Bike Packing

EAR PLUGS. (Eye pads if you are light sensitive). Air mattress(batteries), tent if camping outside, PILLOWS, Sleeping bag(extra light or heavy blanket for possible warm or cool evenings). A microfiber quick drying towel is helpful.

Toiletries for Bike Tour

Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, bandaids, pain relief (aspirin, ibuprofen, etc.) hair bands, razor.

Clothing to Pack for Bike Tour

LESS is Better-It pays to be organized. Especially after a long day of riding and getting up early in the morning. You will want riding wear and civilian clothes for all temps—hot, cold, wet and dry. Also, fabrics that can dry overnight.

PLEASE REMEMBER to dress and ride each day to “B Safe B Seen.” Bright colored/reflective clothing, socks, ankle bands, flashy bike accessories, front and rear lights, and of course your helmet and biking shoes. If you must ride ninja—purchase a reflective safety harness. Dress to impress and have fun!

SHRINK WRAP Clothing in vacuum sealed bags for more packing room. Especially good if you bring bulkier cold weather back up. A good way to recycle outfits is to wash your outfit while you shower. A microfiber quick drying towel is helpful. There will be RASDak Jersey Days so RASDak veterans pack your 2013-2018 Jerseys! Flip flops/comfy shoes.

ZIPLOCK BAGS. Jodi advises packing daily riding wear in individual Ziplock bags. Ziplocks and garbage bags are good for a lot of things—dirty laundry—food, road booty, toiletries, rainwear, etc.