• What are the COVID-19 guidelines?
    • Bus capacity limited to 50% with pick-up points at Vermillion, Sioux Falls, and Summit. Occupants required to wear masks. Ventilation maximized.
    • Self check-in 
    • RASDak information provided via email and at the RASDak trailer, in lieu of group meetings.
    • Tour planned to minimize time indoors. When indoors ventilation will be maximized. 
    • Breakfast serving time extended from 5:30-7 AM to 5:30-7:30 AM
    • Luggage truck departure delayed from 7:30 AM to 8 AM to allow departure time to be spread out from 6-8 AM
    • At rest stops, bicyclists must remove gloves and use hand sanitizer
    • Occupants required to wear masks while in SAG vehicles. Windows kept down as much as possible. Occupancy limited at the discretion of the SAG driver.
    • Outdoor tent camping strongly encouraged and port o potties will be added where necessary to reduce indoor restroom congestion. There may not be an indoor camping option in Mobridge or Pierre, although both communities have plenty of motels.  
    • RASDak encourages participants to follow SD Department of Health and CDC guidelines. Maintain 6-foot physical distancing, and when not possible wear a mask. 
    • Masks will be provided for those who do not have their own
    • For issues not explicitly covered, RASDak will be following CDC guidelines for large events. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/community/large-events/considerations-for-events-gatherings.html
  • What is RASDak?

    RASDak stands for Ride Across South Dakota. It is an annual bicycle ride to enjoy the beautiful scenery and hospitality of South Dakota, the “Land of Infinite Variety.” Proceeds from the ride support organizations that help make RASDak possible. Many of these organizations are local youth/church/schools that are raising money for camps, trips, etc.

  • How much does RASDak cost?
    • Registration fee is $185/week or $50/day. After April 15th it is $215/week or $55/day. 
    • Non-rider fee (age 18 or over) is $50/ week.
    • The ride is limited to 250 full-week riders.

    All persons traveling with RASDak must be registered and sign a release. For minors, a parent or legal guardian must sign the release. Releases for minors will be available at check-in.

  • My family member/friend is coming with me on RASDak, but they will not be bicycling. Do they need to register?

    All non-riders age 18 and older must register at a cost of $50, and sign a release. This fee allows us to cover the costs incurred for every individual at each overnight location.

  • Are personal vehicles or personal SAGs allowed on RASDAK?

    Some RASDak riders use personal vehicles for personal SAG. Due to safety concerns for all riders on the road RASDak asks the following from the personal SAG vehicle personnel:

    • Register all personal SAG vehicles with the ride-staff. 
    • Adhere to personal SAG vehicle policies (provided at check-in).
    • Put a sign on the driver side dashboard that indicates they are a personal SAG vehicle (sign provided by RASDak).
    • Do not follow behind the bike riders you are the SAG for!

    For the safety of bicyclists, personal SAG vehicles traveling with RASDAK are strongly encouraged to travel an alternate route. The fewer the personal vehicles on the roads, the safer the conditions are for cyclists. Statistics show that vehicles cause more accidents on bicycle tours than bicyclists themselves.

  • What airport should I fly into?

    The closest airports are Sioux City, IA (SUX) and Sioux Falls, SD airport (FSD).  

  • May I ship my bike?

    Suggested options to ship your bike are Bike Flights or shipBikes. Bike shipping information will be available closer to the start date.

  • How many people ride on RASDak?

    The ride is currently limited to 175 full-week riders. There are additional openings for those who wish to ride fewer days.

  • Do law enforcement agencies close the roads to vehicles for RASDak riders?

    Law enforcement agencies do not close the roads to vehicles. RASDak does contact law enforcement agencies so that they are aware of when RASDak will be passing through, and which overnight towns we are staying at.

  • How do I get to the ride start and back home from the ride end?

    Participants are responsible for their own transportation to the ride start and from the ride end.  RASDak does offer during registration an optional $100 bus/bike transportation from the end (Vermillion) to the start (Pollock). Additional pickups points at Sioux Falls and Summit. Bikes will be transported via truck with packing blankets to protect each bike.  RASDak supported transportation will NOT be provided at the end of the ride.

  • Is long-term parking available at the start or finish?

    Long-term parking in Pollock, SD (ride start) and near Vermillion High School (ride end) for the week will be available. The final location will be sent out via email.

  • Cell phones?

    The tour goes through areas with limited coverage, texting is often your best option. We are staying in public facilities at all our overnight stops. Those facilities will have outlets for recharging cell phones. We will include outlet strips to allow for multiple phone recharging sites at one outlet.

  • What is RASDak’s luggage requirements?

    You are limited to 2 bags. Each bag cannot weigh more than 40 lbs.

    Nothing may be attached to the outside of the bag.  You will be required to load your own luggage on the luggage truck by 7:30 am.  The unloading of the luggage truck will be done by the riders that arrive first at the overnight location.

  • What are the sleeping accommodations?

    Riders can camp indoors in school gyms, avoiding the hassle of setting up and hauling a tent. However, riders are encouraged to camp outdoors at designated locations near the school.

    RASDak does not permit the use of tents, sleeping cots, chairs or any other items that could damage the surface of a gym floor.

    The schools and most community centers, at which we stay are alcohol, tobacco, and firearms free environments.  All persons traveling with RASDak must follow the same rules while on their property.

  • Where will we be camping each night?

    Each host community will have both indoor and outdoor camping options. RASDak strongly encourages outdoor camping, also we currently do not have an indoor camping option at Mobridge or Pierre, although both communities have a number of motels.

    The route maps show the indoor and outdoor camping locations for the following:

    • Pollock Community Center
    • Mobridge-Pollock High School (Mobridge)
    • Gettysburg High School
    • Georgia Morse Middle School (Pierre)
    • Chamberlain National Guard Armory
    • Platte-Geddes High School (Platte)
    • Bon Homme High School (Tyndall)
  • Are there special provisions for those opting to stay in motels or RVs?

    Motel or RV reservations must be made by the individual. RASDak does not provide a list of or endorse any motels or RV parks.  It is your responsibility to get to and from your motel.

    One option is to bring a small backpack and carry what you need for an overnight stay and bike to your motel.  We close the luggage truck at night and you are welcome to leave your big luggage bag on the truck at night but let the luggage volunteer know so your bag doesn’t get buried in the morning.

  • Will there be internet access?

    Where possible internet access will be provided at the indoor overnight locations.

  • What are the bathroom/shower accommodations?

    They are provided in the high schools or parks where we stay. Riders and volunteers are responsible for bringing all of their own personal toiletries, towels, etc.

  • Are there rest stops along the route?

    Rest stops are shown on our maps, and are typically 15-20 miles apart. All rest stops have bathrooms or porta-potties, and many will offer shade. These stops are often put on by 4-H or school groups raising money for camps, trips, etc.

  • Is there on-road support?

    Yes. We have roving SAGs, and a bike shop vehicle that follows the riders on tour. Riders should know how to fix a flat tire, and carry the necessary tools, pump, and spare tubes to fix a flat. 

    Spoke-n-Sport is going to be along on the ride to assist with mechanical needs. You are encouraged to check everything on your bike daily, keeping your bike and chain clean, and to carry extra tubes and tools throughout the tour. We strongly encourage everyone to get your bicycle inspected and serviced by a reputable bike shop BEFORE the ride.

    To prevent most flats make sure tires are properly inflated and free of thorns, etc. Consider carrying your bike over grassy areas. Remember, in the case of sagging riders, we are not a taxi service. There are limits to how many times a rider can expect to be picked up before they are asked to leave the tour. Please train and be ready to ride the complete tour.

  • What time may we start riding?

    Please start no earlier than 6:00 am.  The luggage truck leaves at 8:00 am.

  • Do I have to finish riding by any particular time each day?

    The official end time is 4:00 pm. No SAG services will be available outside of those times. Sweep times for each rest stop will be made known on the Daily Route Information. If you are not to the rest stop by the designated sweep time you will be directed to get into a SAG vehicle. This is for your own safety and out of respect for the volunteer SAG people’s time.

  • If an emergency arises or dangerous, inclement weather is approaching, how will RASDAK notify riders?

    RASDak will text alerts for critical weather and route information, to mobile numbers that we have on record. If your mobile number has changed since you registered, text RASDak to 605-269-0943 to get signed up.


    If there is heavy rain or thunderstorms, temporary shelter should be sought in towns or farms along the route. We do not recommend riding in heavy rain or thunderstorms. Official SAG vehicles will be available on the route for extreme conditions.

  • What will we do after the ride?

    In the Host Communities, riders set up their camp, shower, and enjoy what the community has to offer for food and entertainment. The afternoons and evenings are a great time for socializing with other riders and locals.

  • What meals are provided?
    Breakfast and dinner will be available at each overnight location. A youth/church/school organization puts these on with a suggested minimum donation.

    All food options along the route and in the overnight locations are at your own expense.

    Since many of our meal options are arranged by volunteer organizations, RASDak can not accommodate special dietary needs.  Vegetarian/gluten free options may or may not be available at each of the meals. If you have special dietary needs, please bring what you need.  RASDak may accommodate transportation of a small cooler but can not guarantee the proper temperature of the cooler’s interior. Please contact rasdakbiketour@gmail.com ahead of the bike tour if you need these accommodations.

  • Can I purchase a jersey?

    Jerseys may be purchased for $65 during the registration process.

    Men’s Short Sleeve, Sport Cut Jerseys ($65) are made by Primal.

    Women’s jerseys ($65) are made by FloraVelo and are short sleeve.

    • Two different technical fabrics provide moisture-wicking, antibacterial and UV50 sun protection properties
    • Two back pockets plus signature side pocket for cellphone https://www.floravelo.com/features.html
    • Choose your size based on your typical size for a comfortable shirt; FloraVelo jerseys do not run small.

    Sizing:  https://www.floravelo.com/great-fit-comfortable-performance-fabrics.html

  • What are the bicycle regulations and laws in South Dakota?

    Click here for cycling regulations in our state. Also, be aware that South Dakota is one of five states that still use the contributory negligence rule. If you are injured in an accident, you may not collect damages if your negligence was more than slight, in comparison with the negligence of the defendant. 

  • Are there emergency phone numbers to reach help from the RASDak organizers?

    Yes, numbers will be provided at check-in.

  • Are laundry facilities available?

    There are laundromats in some of the towns we stay in.

  • Is there medical support while on tour?

    Several bike medics carry small basic emergency packs on their bicycles should on-the-road assistance be needed. Also, all official SAG vehicles will have first aid kits. If it is an emergency, please dial 911.

  • What is RASDak’s cancellation policies? 

    Participant may cancel their registration through April 30 and receive a full refund of their ride registration and bus registration less processing fees. After April 30 through May 31 a $30 fee will be charged, with an additional $15 fee for canceling the bus transportation. RASDak registrations are non-transferable and credits are not offered. Optional trip cancellation insurance is available for purchase during the registration. If RASDak needs to cancel the event, participants will receive the option of transferring their registration to the following year, or a full refund of their ride registration and bus registration less processing fees. Merchandise purchases will be refunded if registration is canceled before April 1 otherwise merchandise will be mailed to participants.

  • Are E-Bikes allowed on RASDak?

    E-bikes must be self-supported on RASDak. RASDak cannot guarantee access to electricity to charge E-bike batteries.