• How do I register for the ride?

    Registration will open sometime in January for the 2018 tour. Stay tuned for final dates! Then, just click ‘Registration’ on our website.

  • How many people ride on RASDAK?

    The ride is limited to 175 full-week riders. There are limited openings for daily options.

  • How long is the ride?

    RASDAK is a 7-day tour. The route varies in length each year. You can find more information on the registration page, and on our Facebook page.

  • What is RASDAK?

    RASDAK stands for Ride Across South Dakota. It is a once a year opportunity to stretch your abilities, test your stamina, and enjoy the beautiful scenery and hospitality of South Dakota. Each year, proceeds from the ride are given to a different South Dakota charitable organization.

  • How do I get information about RASDAK?

    Try searching this website from the right hand column. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, you can email us or find us on the RASDAK Facebook page.

  • Who is the ride designed for?

    This is a tour designed by South Dakota bicyclists, for experienced bicyclists from anywhere who wish to enjoy our state on a multi-day, challenging ride.

  • How do I get to the starting point?

    We will have directions and maps available once the route is announced!

  • I need someone to drive my car to the starting point.

    You are welcome to post your needs on our facebook page. There will also be people who would like to ride with you, drive, volunteer, carpool, or help with support on the ride. They can contact you to make the best arrangements.

  • What time does the RASDAK bus leave?

    We always have a bus available to help charter our riders around. More details will be released about the 2018 bus route as we finalize the map.

  • Where do I park my car if I want to leave it at the bus departure point?

    There will be a designated parking for RASDAK participants. More information will be given following your registration.

  • Is there a place for me to leave my car at the first host community?

    We will help offer solutions for parking when the route is finalized.

  • Is online registration available?

    Registration will open in January for the 2018 tour. The link and necessary waiver can be found in the Registration section on this website.

  • How much does RASDAK cost?

    The registration fee for the 2018 tour is $175.00 for all ages. There are also daily rates available.

  • Is there a daily RASDAK rate?

    Yes, there will be a daily rate of $40.00 per day. Riders who ride individual days are responsible for their own transportation to and from the ride, as well as their vehicle parking during the days they ride. This is a great opportunity to have a family member drive your vehicle and possibly help support the ride. Contact RASDAK if you have more questions on this.

  • Is registration open on the first day of the ride?

    Registration will  open in January for the 2018 tour. If you have not registered by the time the ride begins in June, you may be able to, only if the ride is not already filled.

  • How do I know if I have been accepted for the tour?

    You will receive an email notification at the time of registration. so please make sure your email address you give upon registering is one you monitor. Once you’ve completed registration, you will be included in all communications regarding the ride and its registered participants.

  • If I am unable to go on RASDAK as planned, will my RASDAK ticket and bus ticket be refunded?

    At the time of registration on ACTIVE.com there is an option to purchase registration insurance. This will help secure your refund if you are unable to attend.

    We can work with you to see if we can resell your bus ticket if you purchased one.

  • Do I have to carry my own gear?

    Only to and from the luggage truck. The truck will be be well located, and will transport your luggage/camping gear to the host town each day. The luggage is lined up and riders can claim their gear when they get in from the day’s ride. There will be a specific time each morning that the riders are expected to have their luggage loaded by.

  • Any requirements for luggage?

    You are limited to 2 bags. Each bag cannot weigh more than 50 lbs.

  • What about sleeping accommodations?

    RASDAK is a camping tour. RASDAK arranges for riders and support personnel to camp at local high schools or in the town city park. Each rider is expected to provide for their own sleeping arrangements. Most riders bring a tent to sleep in. In the event of inclement weather (i.e. heavy rains, thunderstorms, tornadoes, snow, etc) facilities will be provided. We encourage riders to participate in the camping experience in order to more fully appreciate the culture and enjoyment of the ride and other riders. For 2017, most of the locations we are able to stay inside the schools. (Badlands is pretty remote and you can rent a Badlands cabin for indoor camping.)

  • Is there any place to recharge my phone/MP3 player, etc?

    Yes. Most people recharge their devices in the high schools that we stay in. The parks also have electrical outlets that we can use. Remember to bring your own charger, marked with your name. Each person who uses the rechargers is responsible for their own electronics.

  • What are the bathroom/shower accommodations?

    They are provided in the high schools or parks where we stay. Riders and volunteers are responsible for bringing all of their own personal grooming supplies, towels, etc.

  • What will we do after the ride?

    In the Host Communities, riders can set up, shower, take a quick nap, and take advantage of whatever the town has to offer what each town will have for entertainment. There are several options for meals, ranging from potlucks, locally sponsored meals, and local restaurants. The afternoons and evenings are great for meeting new friends, and just having fun! We will have fun surprises, contests with prizes, and other fun happenings, so stay tuned to the pulse of the ride, during and after, as you will never be disappointed!

  • What about services for my bike?

    Spoke-n-Sport is going to be along on the ride to assist with mechanical needs. You are encouraged to check everything on your bike daily, keeping your bike and chain clean, and to carry extra tubes and tools throughout the tour. You will be expected to be able to change your own flats. We strongly encourage everyone to get your bicycle inspected and serviced, if necessary, by a reputable bike shop BEFORE the ride.

  • Are there emergency phone numbers to reach help from the RASDAK organizers?

    Yes, numbers will be provided at check in.

  • Will someone wake us up in the morning?

    No. However, you will quickly learn that there is no need for an alarm. The sound of tent zippers usually wakes folks up in a hurry. However, if you are a heavy sleeper or sleep away from the main campground area, you will need a travel alarm or someone to wake you up. If you do use your phone for an alarm, be wary of it ‘roaming’ through the night! You may wake up to a dead phone, later in the morning, and your riding buddies already well down the road!!

  • Are there any dump stations for RVs along the route?

    Individuals needing RV services are advised to check with the individual host communities for details.

  • Are laundry facilities available?

    There are laundromats in some of the towns we stay in. Most riders choose to bring enough clothing for the entire tour. You may want to bring clothesline, clothespins, and detergent to launder and dry your shorts, jerseys, or other clothing.

  • Is there medical support while on tour?

    Yes. We will have a roving EMT, but if a rider becomes injured on the road, try to assist each other as you would if you were on a ride with your friends from home. Care for them with your first aid supplies, and call the emergency phone numbers you will get. If warranted, the rider and their bicycle will be picked up by a support person, and transported to the next pit stop or host town. If the injuries warrant, please call 911 If a rider is unable to continue the ride due to fatigue, a SAG driver also can pick them up. There will also be a defibrillator along on the tour.

  • Is there on-road support?

    Yes. We have roving SAGs, and a bike shop vehicle that follows the riders on tour. Riders should know how to fix a flat tire, and carry the necessary tools, pump, and spare tubes to fix a flat. Before the ride, Spoke-n-Sport sends out a questionnaire, and each rider is encouraged to let them know what kind of bike, equipment, tires, tubes, and other equipment they need them to bring.However, if you feel that you lack this knowledge or are physically unable to do this, a support person or bike shop can help you. In many cases, more experienced riders will help you with mechanical breakdowns.To prevent most flats make sure tires are properly inflated and free of thorns, etc. Consider carrying your bike over grassy areas.Remember, in the case of sagging riders, we are not a taxi service. There are limits to how many times a rider can expect to be picked up before they are asked to leave the tour. Please train and be ready to ride the complete tour.

  • Are there restroom facilities on the road?

    There are small towns and communities with services so you can take care of your needs. Porta-Potties will be provided at some of the stops, if there are no service stations and/or convenience stores near enough. However, if you have ever ridden a multi-day tour, you will be aware that riders often have to use the great outdoors! Desperate times call for desperate measures 🙂 You may want to carry tissues, or a little bit of toilet paper, sanitary wipes, etc.It is the intention of the RASDAK organizers that every rider has a safe, enjoyable, and memorable experience on this ride! We are also very confident that each rider will be experienced, well-trained, and prepared for a multi-day tour Ride Across South Dakota.

    Please stay tuned to this website and Facebook page  for new updates!

  • If I need to fly to participate in Rasdak, what is my best planning option?

    TBD with route map!

  • If I choose to stay in a hotel at my expense, what do you recommend?

    Hotel recommendations will be available when the 2018 route map debuts.